Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gel Card

Under the techniques under my new favorite website:

I found directions for a gel card that uses a zip lock bag and some hair gel to create "water" that is see through. I decided to use my one and only fish stamp set that I have (from Little Layers, retired) and I had my also retired Cold Play sitting on my desk because I had just bought it. I thought the snowman circles made perfect bubbles!

The card was quite successful but since I don't have the Coluzzle, making perfect layering ovals proved to be a challenge with my Creative Memories shaper thing so I just used a wavy lined cutter (also Creative memories) to create the "square" that the bag is held down by. When I added the eyelets, I was a little confused as to if it should go through the bag. Yes it would hold it in place but would it hold in the hair gel? I think only time will tell with that. Overall cute cards. I would be afraid to mail them so either a padded envelope or a handed to the person present will be what will make me give this card away :). I might add a tag at the lower part of the card depending on the occasion.

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dancingn27 said...

Just a note on this one. I sort of forgot that I made these cards and recently found them. They do not save well at all. The paper was "wet" from the gel and the bag was inflated!